The dèsLibris Online Reader

The desLibris online Reader provides a full-featured online reading experience for library users

All books and most public documents in desLibris are presented in a superb online Reader, which displays books in HTML, a universal format which can be read on any Windows, Android or IOS device with internet access and a browser.

The reader offers a range of options, including page layout changes, zoom, easy magnification toggling for accessibility, and fullscreen viewing.

Within the reader, users may create citations, copy selected text, and print.

Users who have opened a Patron account may add personal bookmarks, make and save markups, highlighting and personal annotations.

Contextual Search Inside

The reader supports context-based word search, which produces all occurrences of a word or phrase in the book surrounded by its context. Then entries in this list may be clicked to move to the entry.

Hyperlinked References

To further enhance navigation, indexes, footnotes and tables of contents are hyperlinked for quick access.

More on HTML

To learn more about the uses of HTML in publishing applications, read this on desLibris: