dèsLibris Services for Publishers

License Options

With a Publisher Account, you may use the distribution services of desLibris and Canadian Electronic Library (CEL) to license your books online to libraries and individuals. (You may also elect not to license your books, or you may do so selectively, title by title.)

Below is a quick review of licensing options and publisher payments. You'll find full details in the Publisher License Agreement.

License Option Condition Applies to markets Payment to publisher
Subscription* Limited duration Libraries and individuals 50% of pool
Purchase single-user* Perpetual Access Libraries and individuals 70% of list price
Purchase multi-user* Perpetual Access Libraries 105% of list price
Loan Short-term access Library patrons and individuals 7% of library list price per 7-day loan
Open Access License Creative Commons All No royalty

*These options may be set independently for CEL/ebrary and desLibris. But the conditions and payments are identical, so it is best to choose both to maximize exposure and revenue.

More information on setting rights for each title.

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