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Nov 1, 2016

To add value for subscribers without additional cost, desLibris is now including books which are made available under Open Access license conditions. These include making the enhanced PDF and the original source files available to the public. The first of these is the series Canadian Forces Official Histories issued over a the period 1900 through 2007 by National Defense. For examples, see the volumes found here (English) and here (French.)

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  • General's Literary Award Winners 1936-2016
  • Donner Prize Winners 1998-2016
  • Giller Prizes Winners 1994-2016

Over 2,000 titles are included in these collections, and the following options are available:

  • Full MARC records supplied.
  • Every title is available for preview.
  • Every title includes a "more detailed" frame with links to OCLC Worldcat, 49th Shelf and Publisher websites where titles are available for sale.
  • Title lists for any collection may be exported for personal use.
  • Where possible, Awards titles are available to read or download in full under content-owner licensing terms.
  • Public domain titles are available for full access under a Creative Commons license.
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The Awards and Open Access Books collections are made available to libraries subscribing to the “Books on Subscription” service without additional charge.

Nov 1, 2016

desLibris adds External Sources

desLibris now provides a portal to “External Sources,” which include public databases like Internet Archive and Open Library as well as subject databases which may be of use to specialized audiences.

External Sources are searched and results are displayed within the desLibris search interface. When individual titles are selected, the external source opens in a new browser tab.

The External Sources panel is available only to authenticated users so it does not appear on the public site. Where the function has been activated by the Library Administrator, logged-in users will see the External Sources panel on the Search page as shown below. External sources implemented to date are Internet Archive and Open Library (1).

In addition, library administrators may now configure specialized databases as external sources to help users transfer searches from a desLibris reference to the database for extended research. For example, the CANLII caselaw database may be activated for law library users.

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Nov 1, 2016

Coming soon: Library Simplified Reader App

CEL Is one of the first ebook aggregators to partner with Library Simplified…

The Library Simplified system is built on the precepts of Readers First, which means that any library system implementing the Library Simplified tools can unify its ebook holdings from any vendor supporting the standards (which include Overdrive, Baker and Taylor and Canadian Electronic Library,) offering their readers a simple, crisp user experience and gaining new flexibility with buying choices. By implanting the Library Simplified tools, libraries can also integrate local content into their e-resources pages.

Using OPDS and advanced DRM from Sony, the LS Reader app will offer a clean and crisp user experience which is a stark contrast to the complex e-reading experience now offered by most public libraries.

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Nov 11, 2016

Instant Library Publishing

Since 2005, CEL has been harvesting and releasing public documents for library distribution. The "turnaround" time from the harvest of a document by our editors to its release on the CEL platform has been at least 30 days, since the harvesting system operated on a batch basis.

With the new desLibris platform we are able to offer instant library publishing.

Any document will be published and available on the desLibris platform within hours or days of its "harvest." This feature has been tested during 2016 with the Checklist, but will now be applied to all public documents. As soon as the document is released, the accompanying MARC record will also be published. The result will be that current documents released today will be available for library use tomorrow.

Nov 11, 2016

Dynamic MARC

In the new year, MARC deliveries will also be instant. As soon as a document or book is available on desLibris, its basic MARC record will be available for libraries. The "Get MARC record" in More Details will download a MARC record, and the automated MARC delivery feature will also be changed to allow for on-demand delivery of record batches.

Nov 11, 2016

Submit Your Own Documents

A new "Content Provider" feature will soon be available to desLibris Library subscribers which will allow direct submission of PDFs for inclusion on desLibris.

A simple module on the Library Dashboard will support the upload of PDF and metadata entry.

Titles submitted in this way could be internal PDFs or public documents available as free downloads from websites.

All PDFs submitted in this way will be hidden and accessible only to the Content Provider account. So documents aimed only at the Content Provider's audience could be submitted and restricted from public view. (That is, visibility/access would be restricted to the Content Provider's login or IP ranges.) On the other hand, viewing settings could be changed to allow public documents to be available to all desLibris subscribers under Creative Commons licenses.

MARC records will also be available for all titles submitted in this way, so integration with library catalogues will be simple.